Too much technology

Technology is becoming too much and too powerful. Is there a correlation with  technological advances and obesity? Technological advances allow for less manual labor and allows things to get done faster,  is there only pros? By doing things by manually calories are burned;  examples opening a can with an oldern can opener compared to an electric one,  washing dishes by hand instead of using a dish washer, etc. Personally,  the fear of technology take over is frightening.  I, a social networker, do enjoy some technological advances but I feel as though it affects so much.  My father is a slave to technology. I remember times when he used to have a flip phone and only used it if he had questions now he is always on his. While driving he texts now he almost runs off the road. During dinner he tasks on the phone. His alarm clock isn’t even what wakes him up in the morning, it’s his phone!!! Technology is becoming too big apart of people’s lives. I would love to go back and live like oldern times but the living style today doesn’t allow for such. Such a shame.


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